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Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Soothe the mind and nourish the body. Our Puerto Princesa resort’s Hilot Spa is the hidden retreat you’ve been searching for. It is a way to escape everything and get the pampering your truly deserve. The modern-minimalist casita exudes rustic simplicity, a picture of true relaxation. The area is divided into 8 rooms, each with its own shower and pocket garden, and a couple room with jacuzzi. Inside the casita of our Palawan accommodation, there is also an area for foot spa, as well as a jacuzzi, sauna, and steam room that hotel guests can access. For those who do not want to leave the comforts of their room, Hilot Spa also provides in-room service.

Hilot Spa (Tagalog) derived its name from the ancient Filipino’s way of practicing healing. True to its name, our therapists specialize in ‘Hilot’, the traditional Filipino art of healing. This, combined with banana leaves and all-natural massage oils, plus a calming Zen ambience, guarantees a truly rejuvenating experience at the Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa, where one can truly break away and escape completely.

Our signature treatments include:

  • The Hilot

    A 90-minute ancient Filipino therapeutic massage using combined techniques of The Shiatsu and Swedish massage.

  • Herbal Ball

    Packed with natural herbs to combat stress and pressure.

  • Hot Stone

    A procedure to release muscle stress and tension, and improve blood circulation



Excellent Resort Hotel

My fiance and I stayed here for 5 days and nights, and the entire experience was incredible. The facilities, amenities and location are all immaculate, however the service and staff really put this place over the top. I’ve stayed at many tropical resorts throughout the world, and have never encountered a more energetic, helpful staff from the front all the way through the back of the resort. They obviously have a great training program, but I think the this all starts by choosing the best people possible because you just can’t train this level of conscientiousness and service into someone unless they have it to begin with.We have the “Come back, come back syndrome”, and will see you all again soon!

Stayed: December 2018, Traveled as a couple

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Saint Paul, Minnesota



Stayed: October 2017

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기대 이상입니다

영어 못해서 울렁울렁하고 있었는데 다행이도 알아듣게끔 잘 설명해주시구요. 입구에서 웰컴목걸이 ㅋ 프론트에서 웰컴쥬스 ㅋ 객실들어오니깐 웰컴 바나나 ㅋ 초반부터 기분업업 넓은 수영장은 우리를 들뜨게 만들어요 직원들도 너무 친절합니다 . 무엇보다 대박인건 샌드바 가는길 입구는 밀물썰물이 있는데 물이 빠지고 나면 엄청난광경이 ㅋㅋㅋ 게 판 입니다 ㅋ craps~~~ 너무 귀엽고 신기해요 소라게도 봤답니다 . 자연그대로의 리조트!! 소소하게 준비해준 편지와 마그네틱 ! 수건으로 만들어준 하마 ㅋ (내 선글라슼ㅋ) 모든게 다 만족스럽네요 ♡

Stayed: August 2018

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South Korea

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